Roger Recommends a Record Player (say it 10x fast)

Ask Katy

So having recently moved house and rediscovered my oversized 80's DD record collection, I'm keen to invest in a suitable record player to enjoy them all on. My question therefore is what stereo system would've band recommend I invest in to get the best possible sound - what is their own set up at home like?

"Hi Steve, Glad to hear that you are heading back to vinyl! My own particular set up comprises a Rega RP1 record deck (kindly donated by Mark Ronson) which is really a dj deck , an ancient NAD stereo amplifier that I found in thrift store , & some very old Spirit Audio studio monitors , but it sounds pretty damn good for blasting out my vinyl collection , that I've collected throughout my lifetime. So I think you really can mix & match anything that works for you they say 'it's what's in the grooves that really matters'! Hope this helps, Roger"