Music Scene: Taylor Made Charity Track No Rewind a Stunning Record

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DURAN Duran's John Taylor and Roger Taylor have teamed up with Road Recovery charity to release a stunning dance rock track entitled No Rewind. Road Recovery is a New York based organisation that helps vulnerable young people to work on creative projects in a safe and sober environment.

Those who may be at risk of drug and and alcohol abuse are able to channel their artistic energy through the charity's laudable programme. The song is available on a donation basis via and further fundraising incentives have been offered by Duran Duran such as the chance to win exclusive signed memorabilia and even the chance to meet the band backstage at one of their upcoming live shows.

John and Roger believe very strongly in the charity's mission and bassist John is very clear on why Duran Duran's rhythm section wanted to get involved in this initiative

“Road Recovery offers a safe, drug and alcohol-free place for young people to learn and work, and with professional guidance, introduces them to all aspects of the music business – from songwriting and performance, to the delivery of their music to fans, either live or via recordings. The track, No Rewind itself says a lot about Road Recovery's work and philosophy. Lyrically and thematically, it's an expression of the real concerns of sober kids.”

The song itself is bass-driven electro rock groove that is both hypnotic and relentless. Roger Taylor's signature offbeat drumming lays the perfect foundation for the taller Taylor to slip in his slinky calling card bass hooks.

No Rewind is simplistic in that the groove keeps enough space to allow the funk to breathe and the sparseness perfectly paves the way for the rasping rap vocals by the at risk youth collaborators.

If you're a Duran Duran fan No Rewind is a no brainer must-have acquisition for your collection.

Courtesy Irish News