Inspiration for “The Universe Alone”

My name is Javier I’m from Spain, sorry for my English. First of all thanks for keeping this section alive!!! I love it!

My favourite song on Paper Gods is "The Universe Alone." I love the music, the lyrics and the concept…when you hear it, is like watching a movie, is so cinematic...from the beginning to the end. And as Lori Majewski said in her track by track review, it reminds of the chilling final scene in Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia.

So the questions are: Is that the inspiration for the song? If not, which was it?. And it would be amazing to hear this song live…will you play it live in the future?

"Hello Javier,

Simon wrote the lyric to the song. We’re not sure whether he has even seen Melancholia (we will ask), but we must confess that although some of us own the film on DVD, we haven’t seen it! It’s unlikely that film was the inspiration for Simon. It is really Duran Duran’s interpretation of the song “My Way” (as sung by Frank Sinatra). We have talked about playing it live, and hopefully this will happen one day. NR"