19 Things We Will Always Love About Duran Duran

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The release of Paper Gods proved that the wild boys are still fab in every way. We salute their genius, but there are some things we REALLY love them for…

1. Their music – obviously!

With fourteen studio albums spanning four decades, Duran Duran have really made their mark on the music industry!

2. Their looks

We all had our favourite, but there was no denying that all of them had pop star good looks! They certainly deserved to be in the posters plastered all over our walls.

3. Their style

They were true fashion icons, oozing style from every pore. From the make-up to the designer suits and perfect hair, they ALWAYS looked good.

4. Their lyrics

We love their stranger lyrics that don’t make a whole lot of sense. We’re sure that The reflex is an only child, he’s waiting in the park means something, we’re just not sure what!

5. Their unusual music videos

The ridiculous narratives of their VERY 80s videos were just brilliant. Why was there a woman covered in body paint in Rio? Why not…

6. Their energy

Watching them live is always a joy. Their boundless energy is contagious!

7. Their album artwork

Their album covers were always brilliant. We especially love the cover of Paper Gods which references many of their previous hits.

8. The obscure album tracks

Hold Back the Rain, The Chauffeur, To the Shore – they’re all pure genius!

9. THAT Wild Boys video

Who wouldn’t want to see John Taylor strapped to a car? OK, Simon Le Bon nearly drowned during filming, but the end result was well worth the effort.

10. That they just don’t quit!

They’ve split up, had line-up changes, re-formed, split up again and got back together – but we’re glad to see that despite it all these guys just keep going.

11. That none of the Taylors are related

We think they went looking for Taylors far and wide to get the three that hit the big time!

12. Nicks hair

His hair in the video for View to a Kill was the best thing we had EVER seen.

13. When John Taylor briefly turned his hand to acting

Yes we saw Four Dogs Playing Poker and no, maybe he shouldn’t give up his day job. But we love him for trying.

14. Because Simon and Yasmin are still clearly in love

A pop star and a model? You’d never have thought their marriage would go the distance, but it has!

15. And John Taylor married Miss Juicy Couture

John Taylor has been married to Juicy Couture’s co-founder Gela Nash since 1999.

16. Simon’s brush with death on his yacht didn’t put him off sailing

Twenty years after the accident that nearly cost him his life, Simon raced his former boat Drum in the 2005 Rolex Fastnet Race.

17. They aren’t afraid to do side projects

From John and Andy forming super-group The Power Station with legends Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson, to Simon, Roger and Nick’s side project Arcadia, we loved it all!

18. That Nick Rhodes STILL looks the same

That man just doesn’t age! Part alien maybe?

19. Last but not least – the fact that they were Princess Diana’s fave band

Well if they were good enough for royalty…

Courtesy of Life! Death! Prizes!