10 Duran Duran Songs That We’ll Always Remember

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The 80’s are a controversial time period, often harshly criticized for what some may consider to be questionable fashion or cultural choices. Regardless of which side of the barricade you are, the fact that this was an iconic time period through its sheer power to stand out so vividly stands very strongly. It’s nearly impossible to hear a song from the 80’s and not be able to immediately label it accordingly. With so much musical variety, it’s almost hard to believe that there have been some meek Duran Duran songs that managed to slip through the cracks.

Boy bands have existed for a while and it’s pretty much a given that you can assign them their respective time period through their musical style and fashion sense alone. And, my friends, nothing screams 80’s boy band the way Duran Duran did. To celebrate them, we’ve established a list with 10 Duran Duran Songs That We’ll Always Remember.

#10 Come Undone

Around the time the 80s were closing off and leaving room for the 90s to astound us with its typical trademark pop music, Duran Duran had an unfortunate fall. But just like a phoenix rising from its own ashes, they managed to find success one more time before the imminent collapse that they never actually managed to recover from. Come Undone was one of the reasons for it and, in a sense, one may argue that they’ve never found success again after it.

#9 New Moon On A Monday

People at the time sought different things in their music, which is part of the reason why New Moon on a Monday wasn’t received with the king of appreciation we send its way today. It was a Top 10 hit in the USA, true, but it wasn’t given an easy time for it. The song is the peak of Duran Duran’s third album Seven and the Ragged Tiger and it manages to stand out curtsy of a composition that allowed singer Simon Le Bon to showcase his vocal range.

#8 Ordinary World

Alongside Come Undone, Ordinary World was part of the 90s comeback album Duran Duran and it was the boost the band needed in order to ride the tide of fame once more. Simon Le Bon even did a remastered version of the song years later in the company of Luciano Pavarotti for a memorable duet which exhibited the softer side of their music and style.

#7 The Reflex

Long story short, The Reflex became one of Duran Duran’s most successful songs, being catapulted nearly instantly to the top of charts of the time. However, funnily enough, there was quite the debate regarding the fact that the band’s manager didn’t want this particular song to be the first release of Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

#6 Finest Hour

With cases like this one, you have to start to wonder whether it wasn’t a mere lack of proper marketing that truly marked the downfall of Duran Duran. This is because Finest Hour is a product of the 2004 album Astronaut, though it’s not an official one. Despite being an unreleased track, it’s catchy enough to have hammered itself in our hearts.

#5 Hungry Like The Wolf

Hungry Like The Wolf is a great song, but what truly made it astounding was the artistry of its music video. In fact, we owe this particular song quite a lot historically. The context behind this statement is that Duran Duran was the first band to win a GRAMMY for a music video.

#4 A View To A Kill

Those not familiar with Duran Duran might recognize this track for its implication with James Bond. Those not familiar with either will recognize this song regardless because it was just that memorable and successful.

#3 Rio

Rio was the third release of the LP carrying the same name and this is one of the songs whose accolades and critical acclaims don’t seem to cease. We reckon the blame should be put entirely on the saxophone in the middle and all the heads it spun and hearts it broke.

#2 Girls On Film

Great composition, musical artistry, controversy, and innovation – these are all the elements of a memorable track and they were all met by Girls On Film. During a time when MTV was still just a baby, Duran Duran was laying out the foundation for proper music videos.

#1 Save A Prayer

Another spawn of Rio, Save A Prayer is memorable because of how different it is from your typical Duran Duran song alone. There was definitely a lot more thought and less pop-iness blended into this composition and it definitely shows.

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