“Venice Drowning” Translation

Ask Katy

I've got a question about a song from "Liberty." Listening to "Venice Drowning," I heard some Italian words in it. They sound like "Entra in questo sogno di corruzione, affogamento di Venezia nell'emozione, vieni e nuota nel mio amore, vieni e nuota nella mia vita". Am I right? Another question: who sang that part in the CD version? Thank you, Eléna

"We can answer part 1 for you. Sadly, no one can remember who sang that line in "Venice Drowning." As a side note, the band have only ever played this song live ONCE.

The translation to what you've written is: “Come in this dream of corruption, drowning of Venice in the emotion, come and swim in my love, come and swim in my life.” "

**ADDENDUM - thank you to all the fans who wrote in and provided this information: Silvia Chironi did the spoken word part of "Venice Drowning".