The Top 10 albums of 2015

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3) Duran Duran - 'Paper Gods'

When Duran Duran revealed they'd be returning with a brand new album of original music featuring Lindsay Lohan, the world winced. Thankfully the worries were for nothing, and they delivered a fine return to form through 'Paper Gods', showing everybody exactly how a reunion album should be done and punching right to the heart with some nostalgic and modernised tunes that really allowed them to shine.

In our review I said: "In all, 'Paper Gods' is a collection of head-bopping, toe-tapping tracks that Duran Duran should be immensely proud of. Personality is stamped throughout all 12 tracks. They've got nothing left to prove at this point in their career, but have done well to remind people just why they're still remembered 14 studio albums into the industry."

I also noted that there wasn't a single fault I could find in the album. So why not put it at number one? Because now after a few months of it being released, I've stopped listening. Replayability plays a huge part in a ranking, and those coming in at numbers two and one will be sticking around in my playlists for at least the next 12 months...

Courtesy Female First