Q&A with War Child’s Gemma Cropper

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Tell us how War Child UK started

War Child was founded in 1993 by film-makers David Wilson and Bill Leeson. Whilst on assignment in the former Yugoslavia, they were shocked by the way children’s lives were being torn apart by the conflict. Upon returning to the UK, they set up War Child to help protect children in war. 2 years later, the music industry came together to produce the Help album in 24 hours. They hoped to make around £30,000 from the release…… £1.25 million later, they were able to build The Pavarotti Music Centre in Bosnia and cemented War Child’s special relationship with the UK music industry.

How did War Child UK get Duran Duran involved?

We wanted a week of shows with bands who there was great excitement about in 2015. We have been fortunate to work with Duran Duran before, in 2009 when they contributed a collaboration with Mark Ronson to our Heroes album – and we have stayed in contact since. These shows seemed the perfect opportunity for Duran Duran to brilliantly support War Child again, ahead of an exciting year, and in a way that many of their dedicated fans could get involved.

Why the Wilton Music Hall for their show?

We wanted a venue that was intimate, but also delivered something special and unique. Wilton is all three of those – Duran's show will also one of the first since it has undergone major works. It all felt fitting for Duran Duran - a venue that has glamour and drama, that is rich in history but remains modern. It will be spectacular.

When someone applies for the free prize draw, where does the money (£4.50) go and how does it help the children?

All money raised through Passport Back to the Bars will help War Child respond to the needs of children caught up in conflicts around the world, like those in Iraq, Syria and Gaza that are bringing unimaginable violence against innocent children. War Child protects children from the devastating effects of war, providing safety, emergency care, education and hope for a more peaceful future. Passport Back to the Bars is a week of 7 unique gigs for 1 unique charity.

What can fans expect from this slate of small shows?

The shows are a once in a life time opportunity to see big name acts in intimate venues with just a few hundred other people. The shows see artists who have supported War Child over the last 20 years come together for the Brits week to stand up and support children in conflict.

To register for the lottery to win tickets to Duran Duran's February 19th Show at the Wilton Music Hall for War Child, please click here. Registration for lottery ends on February 8.

WC_duran Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 2.46.23 PM The Auditorium - credit Mike Twigg (7)