Nick Celebrates Hermès’ Annual ‘Flâneur forever’

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Nick Rhodes was recently invited by the celebrated Parisian quality goods company maker, Hermès, to curate a raucous ramble through his old stomping ground of Soho in London.

To celebrate Hermès' annual theme 'Flâneur forever,' twenty-five privately invited guests discovered rock art history, Bowie iconography, Tin Pan alley folklore and the world of new electronica.

Impassioned by his theme, Nick called on friends from the world of art, music and food to show a West End beyond the tourist trail. His guests then joined 230 other journalists who converged on London's Saatchi gallery from other wanderings curated by London luminaries such as Sir Norman Rosenthal, Giorgio Locatelli and architect, Sophie Hicks. There they visited the Hermès exhibition, Wanderland, which portrays an imaginary flânerie in a surrealist Paris, followed by a slightly mad tea party!

Nick is a long standing friend of Hermès, having worn its iconic 'Quick trainers' in silver for Duran Duran's stage tour in 2000.

Please visit Instagram, and the hashtag #londonflaneurs for more!

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