Hear Duran Duran’s New Electro-Pop Ballad, ‘What Are the Chances’

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Duran Duran get philosophical on new electro-pop ballad "What Are the Chances," as singer Simon Le Bon ponders the mysteries of fate. "Playing with your life – or is it destiny? – which sets you on a path," he sings over skittering digital hi-hats and synth pads. "Is it out of choice that you're here next to me / Or just the aftermath of moments as they pass?"

"What Are the Chances" is the latest preview of the veteran hitmakers' upcoming 14th LP, Paper Gods, out September 11th in the U.S. via Warner Bros. Records. Duran Duran released the album's funky first single, "Pressure Off," in July before subsequently unveiling the melancholic synth-pop track "You Kill Me With Silence."

The band recently spoke to Rolling Stone about their wild new LP, which features guest spots from Mark Ronson, Nile Rodgers, Janelle Monae, Mr. Hudson, Mew's Jonas Bjerre, former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante and – in an unlikely move – Lindsay Lohan.

"The schizophrenia is getting worse," said keyboardist Nick Rhodes. "A lot of artists get into a comfort zone. They know what works. For us, that's the least comfortable zone, the comfort zone. We like to torture ourselves a little bit."

"It is quite risqué, isn't it?" singer Simon Le Bon said of the album's odd mishmash of collaborators. "But it seems so normal to us. We knew Ben Hudson from his vocals on the Jay-Z record — he added so much sizzle. I've been very jealous about my ownership of the microphone, but all these collaborators raised the standard: Janelle, Mark [Ronson], Nile [Rodgers], Kiezsa, Jonas [Bjerre]. And finally, Lindsay."

Courtesy Rolling Stone