Effective Sound Effects

Hey Katy – Have a question (perhaps most suited to Nick?) Though there have been some questions asked before on specific sound effects and their inspiration in DD songs (the match light in "Last Chance on the Stairway," for example), my question is about how Duran approaches sound effects in general in their music. I think they can be really terrific and add atmosphere (can’t imagine "The Chauffeur" without the sound of the keys at the end). However, I can also imagine their over-use could be cheesy. So how/when does the band decide to use sound effects—and when not to? Thank you, Peter

"Hello Peter, There is no particular rhyme or reason as to when or why we choose to use sound effects. I guess it is really down to each individual piece of music and what we feel it requires as a sound-scape. I think sound effects do add an atmosphere to music when used well. There are a few sound effects featured on some tracks of the forthcoming album, you will have to let us know what you think. NR"