Duran Duran Producer Mark Ronson Dishes on the Band’s 5 Ultimate Deep Cuts

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The 'Uptown Funk' producer Mark Ronson talks to Billboard about the best Duran Duran songs you probably aren't listening to.

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“The Chauffeur”
Rio, 1982
“This has some of the coolest, eeriest synth programming of any pop song ever. The effort that went into making a song like this in the pre-Pro Tools era is staggering.”

“Lonely in Your Nightmare”
Rio, 1982
“If Duran Duran hadn’t been so ridiculously good-looking, this would have been the coolest cool kids anthem in every goth disco this side of Deptford.”

“New Moon on Monday”
Seven and the Ragged Tiger, 1983
“As a 7-year-old massive fan, I had no idea what any of these lyrics were about. It’s also a classic example of how Duran would have a talk-y, non-hooky verse that exploded into a giant, soaring chorus.”

“I Don’t Want Your Love”
Big Thing, 1988
“Duran Duran were on their soulful shit on this one.”

“Girl Panic!”
All You Need Is Now, 2010
“This was one of the first things we wrote together. Simon re-wrote the lyrics to this song five or six times. But we realized that the song was supposed to be about sex, so he rewrote them again at the last minute. I’m really proud of this song. If you listen closely to the bridge, in the background you can hear Don Johnson doing cocaine off of a speedboat dashboard.“

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