All You Need is Now Album Cover

The Italian Rai1 channel had a show on Sicily's palazzos and among them there was Palazzo-Valguarnera-Gangi in Palermo, where Luchino Visconti directed "IlGattopardo" and where I recognised the room of "All You Need Is Now" cover !

Is that a trip make by the band or band members individually, or was just the photographer and cover artist who've been there?

If I am right, there are lot of connections between Visconti and the AYNIN album, a great chapter in the DD "Book." Thank you, Napoli

"Ahhhhhh! An Italian detective? You are absolutely correct. The original front cover photograph was taken by Nick at the Palazzo-Valguarnera-Gangi when he made a personal visit some years ago with family. The image was then treated by artist Clunie Reid and our graphic Rory McCartney for the front cover. If you saw the ALL YOU NEED IS NOW programme, the original photo is reproduced on one of the opening pages. The coincidence that Visconti shot “Il Gattopardo” and that the band also used a sample of Nino Rota’s film music for the Visconti directed “Rocco and his bothers” on "The Man Who Stole a Leopard," did not escape the band! Furthermore, the fact that Il Gattopardo, in english, is translated to “the leopard” although this does trouble Nick because his understanding is that a gattopardo is an ocelot (he can only imagine that someone felt that "ocelot" did not sound as appealing as “the Leopard”).

Finally, if you look at the floor at Palazzo-Valguarnera-Gangi you will notice that the tiles are painted with a creature that looks more like an ocelot than a leopard - hence "Il Gattopardo.” - The band (mostly Nick!)"

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Photos courtesy Nick Rhodes