A TV Mania Production

Hi Katy! I have question for Nick:

TV Mania was produced "Medazzaland" and "Pop Trash," in fact for me two excellent albums of the band in the artistic concept. I can hear in both discs the influence of TV Mania in Duran Duran, but I can hear it too in songs like "Astronaut" and "Too Close The Sun." My question for Nick is if TV Mania marks a dividing line between two eras of the band, 1978 to 1995, and 1997 to the present? Thank you. Eduardo

"Hello Eduardo,

The TV MANIA period was defined by the amount of time Warren and I spent together in the Studio; aside from BORED WITH PROZAC AND THE INTERNET, we developed a creative relationship, producing the two Duran albums as well as a couple of tracks for Blondie, which were never officially released. I think both "Pop Trash" and "Medazzaland" were more experimental than the other albums we made in the 90s, but I hope an element of that experimentation remains in our work today. Our creative process is entirely different now, and bringing in other Producers has undoubtedly inspired a different mood on each record. Nick"