Duran Duran Explains ‘Paper Gods’ Title Track: ‘There Must Be Something More Important There’

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Duran Duran on Wednesday unveiled the title track of their highly anticipated new album, Paper Gods.

The seven-minute song, featuring Mr Hudson, serves as a sort of social commentary from a legendary band known for keeping their lyrics "ambiguous," in the words of Nick Rhodes.

"We haven't generally used a lot of social commentary in our lyrics," Rhodes told ET in a recent sit-down. "The first question we usually get asked is, 'What are 'Paper Gods'? ' They're what you want them to be. Is it money? Is it media moguls? Is it false icons? Probably all of those. We just feel, I think, that there's so much thrown at everybody now with the Internet and we're all so connected to everything, people sleeping with their phones next to their pillows, perhaps it's interesting to step back for a minute and think about where we are and what we're doing."

John Taylor echoes the sentiment, explaining: "It's the idea of sort of worshipping something one day, and then throwing it away the next and moving on to something else. It's kind of political, I suppose, by Duran Duran standards, but we felt like it was coming from a place that we could speak of."

The song serves as the first track on Duran Duran's forthcoming 14th album, due out on Sept. 11 in the United States. And for frontman Simon Le Bon, "Paper Gods" practically wrote itself.

"When the phrase 'Paper Gods' popped out, popped into our heads somewhere, I suddenly had this great vision of all this stuff," he said. "It was so easy to write that lyric. I don't think I've ever had a lyric that was easier to write than that one -- it was one day, one afternoon, and the whole thing was finished from start to finish. Everything."

"It's not a message, it's an observation,” Le Bon added. "It's just a look at life now in the way that so much of our lives are dominated by consumerism and commodification. The commodification of our population. I think that's what it's about, really, and this idea -- there must be something more important there."

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