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Every month the Duran Duran Fan Community features a Q&A with someone notable in the Duran Duran community. Last month night life impresario Nick Valentine, who recently published a book called CLUBS, DRUGS AND CANAPES , sat down for an interview. An excerpt can be found below:

1. Were you always interested in entertainment? In the book in mentions you and your brother had a band...

I have been obsessed with music for as long as I can remember and started playing guitar at the age of 12 when "The Streets of London" was my first strummed conquest.

2. How does one become the event planner to the stars as you did

Every job I have ever had I kind of stumbled across, though being an excitement junkie tended to put me in the right place at the right time.

3. How did you first hook up with Duran Duran?

I met Nick Rhodes through the flamboyant interior designer Nicky Haslam and then the rest of the band as a consequence, though Dom Brown I coincidentally have known since the late 80s as I used to date his sister.

4. What different Duran Duran events have your worked on

The Brit Awards party, a few end of tour bashes, the Olympics party and Simon and Nick's 50th birthday parties.

5. Since you've met all the band, what is your impression of each of them?

They are all very likable though I know Nick a lot better. We are the same age and share a lot of musical and cultural references. Nick's very sharp, dry and quick witted and easy company.

6. How did you get Nick Rhodes to take the photo cover?

I asked him and he said yes. ha ha.

You can purchase Nick's book, Clubs, Drugs & Canapes, here