Hidden Tracks? Finding “Virus” & “Beautiful Colours”

Hi Katy, "Virus" and "Beautiful Colours" – I am completely in enamored with these two songs. I would love to be able to buy it on either iTunes or the Duran Duran website, as am sure so do many other Duranies. I have reviewed past comments on this topic dating back to 2004/06 about adding these songs to an album. Many years later we now have iTunes and your website where we can purchase to download. Can you please ask the band members if and when this could be a possibility? I am a life long Duranie since 1981 and have enjoyed each experience of their music. Helene – Melbourne, Australia

"Hello Helene. "Virus" seems to be available on iTunes, at least in certain countries. It was a bonus track on some International versions of the ASTRONAUT album. However, "Beautiful Colours" is not available because it was never included in any of the official releases. We felt, at that time, that there was room for improvement, so we decided not to release it. Somehow, in this digital world, it is difficult to hide things in the vault, so we're aware a version of the song is floating around in the cyber-ether. There are no plans, right now, to make it officially available. The Band"