Duran Duran in the Studio With Nile Rodgers

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...by Paul Cashmere

Duran are back in the studio working on new music with Nile Rodgers.

Rodgers produced the Duran Duran hits The Reflex and The Wild Boys as well as the Notorious album from 1986. He also worked partially on Duran Duran’s 2004 comeback album Astronaut.

Nile Rodgers met Duran Duran through Michael Hutchence after he had worked with INXS on The Original Sin.

Rodgers told Noise11.com. “When I did Original Sin by INXS, Duran Duran happened to be on their world tour and happened to be in Australia. They were at a party where that song got played at. Next thing I know they called me up from that party. The guy, Molly, who was down with INXS had my number because Michael Hutchence had my number. They called me up and said ‘we want you to do the next Duran Duran record’”.

That next record was "The Reflex.:

“We are still amazingly great friends to this day. My career with Duran is probably the longest spiritual partnership I have had with any artist,” Nile said.

Duran Duran are recording their next album with Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson.

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