Duran Duran Cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” – Ever?

Ask Katy

Hi guys! Hope everything is going great on DD #14. I have a question on cover songs.

I was recently listening to David Bowie’s “Heroes”. I know Bowie was a major influence on the band, and they have covered Bowie’s “Fame” and “Diamond Dogs” among others. I was just wondering if they had ever considered covering “Heroes” as well. I know Simon would do a fantastic job on vocals, and the rest of the band could really rock this one out. Keep up the great work, and I’m anxiously awaiting the new album. Thanks, Tom Nolan

"According to the band, since they feel that they've certainly covered more David Bowie songs than those of any other artist, including "Boys Keep Swinging," "Fame," "Diamond Dogs" and "Rebel Rebel" (in some live shows), it isn't very likely. The band aren't sure they'd dare touch "Heroes" as they feel it really is perfect as far as songs go, though Nick says he saw Blondie play it while in concert many years ago and, to his memory, it was a great version. Katy"