A Birthday Message from Roger

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I have to report that I'm in a pretty exotic location (again) for my birthday ..in the Maldives right down in the Indian Ocean, a mere stone's throw from Sri Lanka . Plenty of memories flooding in ..remembering that life changing 10 days in 1982 when we filmed the videos for "Hungry Like The Wolf," "Save A Prayer" and "Lonely In Your Nightmare."

I would possibly have thought that you were crazy, had you told you back then, that I would be involved in the making of the 14th Duran Duran in the far distant year of 2014..but here I am taking a break & celebrating another year in the land of the living - and immensely looking forward to my return to South London next week to finish up the new Duran Duran album!!

Rt x

PS - here's a view from outside my window...!