50 Best Pop Albums of the ’90s

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20. Duran Duran – Duran Duran (“The Wedding Album”) (1993)

The turn of the decade was difficult for Duran Duran. Their ‘80s heyday was fading quickly in the rear view. Their 1990 album Liberty tanked, limping to #46 on the Billboard Top 200 — far and away their worst showing. They weren’t alone in their struggles; many “80’s” bands were having a difficult transition to the new decade, with the pop charts preoccupied with dance and R&B, and grunge exploding at alternative radio. But somehow, against all expectations, Duran Duran shot back to prominence with their self-titled 1993 album (commonly referred to as “The Wedding Album” after the photos on the cover). It became their biggest hit in years, and it all started with the massive acoustic ballad “Ordinary World,” a stunner and an obvious classic.

It was a powerful single with which to launch a comeback. The sinuous, sexy “Come Undone” became another Top 10 hit, and suddenly Duran Duran’s magic was back. The rest of the album is strong too, with “Too Much Information,” “None of the Above,” and “Drowning Man” all standouts. The trippy “Love Voodoo” really deserved to be a big hit in America, along with their languidly dreamy cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Femme Fatale.” Unlike many of their 80’s contemporaries, they were able to embrace modern styles without sounding desperate; it just sounded fresh and contemporary, without losing the unique Duran Duran sound. “The Wedding Album” stands up alongside anything else they’ve done — undoubtedly one of their finest releases.

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Courtesy of Metro Weekly/Chris Gerard on June 4, 2014