Duran Duran Fan Community Q&A Excerpt: Andy Golub

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Probably one of Duran Duran's best known fans, Andy Golub, a/k/a Durandy, has been a vocal supporter for as long as we can remember. He's also an avid collector - of Duran Duran posters. Slowly but surely, Andy has built up a collection that seems to rival no one else - it is pretty spectacular.

Andy and his fiance Christine Born recently compiled some of his most excellent finds in a book called "Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran." Below is an excerpt from his recent VIP fan community Q&A:

What is the first DD item you can remember collecting?

It was the poster below, pulled out from a magazine and tacked above my bed. A friend came over one afternoon and helped me identify each member until they were ingrained in my DNA. This picture seemed to convey all the charisma and presence that I would soon find in the band’s videos, photo books, and album covers. When the look was paired with my first exposure to The Reflex, Duran Duran had my full attention.

When did your collecting take a serious turn?

I believe it was a slow progression, as I paid more and more attention to the welfare of my collection. The change began with a casual awareness of the temperature inside the room where I kept everything, checking on whether all the books were standing completely vertical, and ensuring an even weight distribution for any material stored on top of others. As the size of my collection grew, so did my awareness of the storage environment. When I produced my first exhibition in 2001, I met Danny Steward, who has an extensive background in museum curating and poster restoration. I remember him assessing my collection, being impressed with my archival tendencies, and encouraging me to pursue this path as the collection increased in size and value. Since then, I’ve learned more about curating and archival maintenance than I ever imagined. An exciting Friday night for me can be a trip to the archive for emergency surgery on damaged memorabilia; hours will be spent peeling off acidic tape, removing residue, repairing tears, and smoothing out folds. It can get pretty wild in there.

Who coined the name “Durandy” for you?

LOL! I believe this moniker was lovingly conceived by the DJs at STAR 101.5 years ago. I was almost named Joshua, which would have been far more difficult to adapt with Fab Five flair.

What made you decide to put your posters in to a book, BEAUTIFUL COLORS?

I believe everything I’ve done with my collection over the years has led to this book. Exhibitions have a limited audience, websites have technical limitations, and visitors to my archive eventually have to leave for home. I’ve always envisioned ways that my collection can be enjoyed by fans whenever they want. When that goal was linked with a wish to examine and celebrate Duran’s history like never before, the result became "Beautiful Colors."

Andy Golub's "Beautiful Colors" can be purchased here.