Simon “talks” About the Making of “The Promise”

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, Please could you ask Nick, Simon or Roger what the Michael Nyman song used in the "making of The Promise" section of the Arcadia VHS was? I've got some memory of it being called "Song No. 3" or something but I've never been able to find it anywhere. Which album or soundtrack was it on?

Thanks for any help you can offer - it's been bothering me for a few years now...Cheers, Jon.

"S: Who?
K: He says Michael Nyman.
S: Who???
K: Michael Nyman.
S: Michael Nyman what?
K: Michael Nyman on "The Making of The Promise"
S: Wot?
K: "The Making of the Promise" from the Arcadia VHS. A Michael Nyman song was used in a "making of" for the video of "The Promise"
S: The what???
K: The Arcadia VHS which was then released on DVD! The one that has all the videos you guys made and behind-the-scenes footage...remember?
S: What?
K: Forget it.
S: Well, we never worked with Michael Nyman
K: (sigh)"

**Addendum from a very helpful fan!

Hi Katy

I can help with the Michael Nyman question. The track used in the behind-the-scenes footage for 'The Promise' is Song 1 from his album "And Do They Do"/Zoo Caprices. My wife & I used it at our wedding to exit the church to & yes, we'd heard it on the Arcadia video first! (The music my wife walked up the aisle to was the instrumental passage from "Drive By")

Stuart, New Forest