MNDR Team With Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes for TV Mania Remix

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MNDR Team With Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes for TV Mania Remix

Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo prep for March 11 release of 'Bored with Prozac and the Internet?'

The idea behind Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes and the band's former guitarist Warren Cuccurullo's side project TV Mania was so prescient, it's a little eerie: in the '90s, the two began work on what they imagined to be the soundtrack to a television show about a family who traded their freedom for reality-TV fame. The concept will come to full fruition on March 11 with the release of their new album Bored with Prozac and the Internet?. "Beautiful Clothes" tracks how the daughter will do anything to get her name in lights, and we've got a remix of the track via the brilliant MNDR and Peter Wade right here. Here's what Rhodes told us about it:

“I first met MNDR when she interviewed me a few years ago about analogue synthesizers, a passion we both share. She played me some of her demos which sounded particularly inspired, so I was thrilled to hear her finished album. We subsequently invited MNDR to open for us on our last U.S. tour, where I was able to catch a couple of her performances from side stage. She has a fantastic energy and some exquisite songs, so collaborating was a perfect collision. MNDR did a beautiful remix of 'Beautiful Clothes' for my TV Mania project with Warren Cuccurullo, minimalism at its best. In return, I made a very grand, lush remix of her divine song, 'Feed Me Diamonds'... Opposites attract when there is a real purpose."

Click HERE to listen to "Beautiful Clothes" (Peter Wade MNDR Re Mix)