Malcolm Garrett Discusses Graphic Design of Duran Duran’s RIO in New Issue of Etapes Magazine, France

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The latest issue of French design journal Etapes (211) has a special feature on the visual design of Duran Duran. In an interview that coincided with the 30th anniversary of ‘Rio’ Malcolm Garrett, the designer responsible for all of Duran’s packaging and merchandising between 1981 and 1986, discusses with writer Julian Morey how their often serendipitous relationship changed the face of music packaging and was part of a wider shift in the visual process that redefined the industry.

"When the illustration (by Patrick Nagel) arrived I didn’t just want to use it just as it was, I didn’t want to use the image ‘straight out of the tin’. So I wrapped it around the opening of the sleeve and introduced a number of other graphic elements. I knew from experience that I needed more, if you like, graphic hooks for all the other aspects that would need taking care of later on. I always liked to create a palette of graphic pieces that I could use in different ways for different things." – Malcolm Garrett.

The article explores many of the ideas behind the sleeves and shows how Duran Duran’s approach to visual identity was as innovative as their pioneering use of video.

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Please note, this magazine is IN FRENCH. There may a UK edition, but no date has been scheduled/planned at this time.