Long-Awaited Duran Duran Side Project TV Mania to See Light of Day

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Duran Duran co-founder and keyboardist Nick Rhodes and former Duran guitarist Warren Cuccurullo are finally ready for fans to hear their TV Mania collaboration.

Duran announced Monday that a TV Mania concept album will be released March 11.

Little was heard of TV Mania after the original members of Duran reunited in 2001. That was until a cryptic website link appeared on the band's Twitter feed last week.

Described as "a soundtrack to the digital age," the TV Mania project also was intended to be a Broadway musical. While the latter never came to pass, the music is being made available to the public after years in storage.

Discovering the master recordings, was "literally like finding a painting and blowing the dust off of it," Rhodes told duranduran.com. He called the music "unbelievably contemporary."

The album "Bored with Prozac and The Internet?" will be available for preorder on Feb. 11 in the form of vinyl and limited edition box set from The Vinyl Factory, as well as digitally via Orchard/Beatport.

"We were envisioning a world where a family would give up their day-to-day privacy and allow their existence to be televised to the masses, and this was two years before the film, 'The Truman Show' and four years before 'Survivor,'" said Cuccurullo, who's also known for his work with Frank Zappa and Missing Persons.

Also being made available in the coming months are remixes of TV Mania tracks by artists such as MNDR.

In other Duran news, the band is auctioning off a studio visit to benefit the U.K. National Literacy Trust. The auction is being held Jan. 22.

The band announced last week it will be convening in early March with producer Mark Ronson to begin recording a new Duran Duran album.

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