A Postcard from Roger (Punta Del Este)

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Just been in Punta Del Este, Uraguay for a few days, and I have to say that it's one of the most beautiful places I have been to for years. Punta is rich in natural beauty...green...beaches that go on for miles and great weather. I generally come down to South America every January to spend time with family, and more importantly, miss out on the coldest month of the year in London :)...although the 'guiltometer' went into overdrive when I saw the freezing conditions back home, I have to remind myself how much work the band has put in over the last couple of years, and that we really should enjoy our 'down time' without too much self flagellation. I did, however, do some work down here! I spun at an event on the beach, and got a great reception from the mainly Argentinian crowd - who remind me of our Italian fan base, always full of life, enthusiasm, kindness and enormous loyalty to the Duran Duran cause.

Thoughts are now turning to starting the new record in March. With preparations already under way, there is a palpable excitement growing in the camp as time ticks towards the start of the 14th (yes, 14th) Duran Duran album.

Hasta Luego
Roger X