What does Duran Duran #14 Sound Like?!

Following the massive success of 'All You Need Is Now', Duran Duran returned to the studio last month to record their 14 studio album, an achievement only very few bands accomplish in their career. Mark Ronson approached 'All You Need Is Now' as the "imaginary follow up to 'Rio' that never was". I would like to ask the band how are they approaching their latest work and what sort of surprises have they in store for the new album? From, Graham.

Hello Graham,

If we told you now, then there really wouldn't be any surprises, would there?

The truth is, we never really know what we're doing when we go in to the studio for the first time to create something new. It is actually quite an exciting process, watching the musical direction take shape. It tends to go through several different stages of metamorphosis before we make a cohesive decision which colours the whole project. So far, it is developing to be quite different from the last album, but still likely to move you closer to the dance floor.

The Band.