Track Listing of A Diamond in the Mind

Hey Katy, the other day I was thinking about the new DVD ''Diamond In The Mind'' that's coming soon.
Then the track list for the CD crossed my mind and who decides which tracks make it onto the CD.
So I was wondering if you could ask the band if they have any involvement in which tracks make it onto the CD in the past and present live recordings.

Many thanks, Jake

Hello Jake,

The band have always made final decisions about track listings on any of their products - other than compilations done without consent by record labels many years later. With the live show CD for A DIAMOND IN THE MIND, the track listing was dictating by our set list, and this discussion is never ending for Simon, John, Nick & Roger. For the UK tour, they arrived at a fairly lengthy show which spans their entire career and also introduces half a dozen songs from the "All you Need is Now" album. It the first time the band had done a proper live recording and film for some years, so they wanted it to be representative of Duran Duran in performance at this time.