Roger’s Playlist in Second Life

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Band member birthdays are always special holidays in the Duran Duran Universe in Second Life and the perfect occasion to throw a big party. It has become a nice tradition that the music playlist for these cool 3D virtual events is provided by the birthday boy himself whilst the Second Life Duranies roll out the red carpet and prepare the location. First up to choose his personal playlist as with every year: Roger Taylor! It seems he had a lot of movies and disco on his mind when he put it together.

As a tribute to Roger's nickname the party theme of choice was "Kiss the rockin' frog prince". A lot of fan avatars dressed up very appropriately for the event and could be spotted as princes, princesses and even frogs partying in a fairytale castle all ready to dance the night away to Roger's awesome playlist and give their favorite drummer a virtual smooch. Have a look and listen for yourself here:

Roger's Playlist