New Gallery from Antigua

All press / news has added a new photo album in the Multimedia section highlighting the band's recent visit to Antigua.

Simon, Nick and Roger returned to Eilean - the classic boat from the iconic "Rio" video - which has now been fully restored. Eilean competed in the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge, and Simon even took the steer for part of the race.

From the Panerai Press office:

This year, the star of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta is sure to be the Bermudan ketch, Eilean. Built in 1936 in the island's Fife shipyards, Eilean spent the final decades of her long and fascinating existence in Antigua, where she fell into disrepair. After years of painstaking restoration work sponsored by Officine Panerai, Eilean will be at the center of a series of events planned to celebrate her return to Antigua. The highlight will be a multimedia exhibition dedicated to Eilean and the story of her rebirth, staged inside the historical Nelson's Dockyard, an old port and Georgian shipyard that comprises island's principal natural park. Also set to take part in the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta in celebration of Eilean 's return, are the members of the pop band Duran Duran , who shot the video for "Rio", the song from their eponymous 1982 hit album, onboard Eilean exactly 30 years ago.

The photos show the band reunited with the boat and the amazing beauty of Antigua!

Duran Duran in Antigua