Duran Duran on Touring Disasters, The Olympics and Boy Bands

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Duran Duran have been around forever (well, since the '80s—same thing), and over the course of 30-plus years of releasing records and performing live they've accumulated a lot of war stories from the road. We recently caught up with the famous Brits and they shared their worst tour story with us: Back in the day, they had to push a giant Winnebago up a hill through the English countryside...during the winter. Where was Twitter when they needed it? Check out the full story above.

DD also opened up about their recent Steve Aoki collaboration (no, really, that happened), their upcoming Olympic gig—they're repping their home country during the opening night in London—and how they feel about today's boy bands. Simon Le Bon got a little defensive at the mere suggestion that Duran Duran might be a boy band themselves: "We play our instruments, we write our songs, we don't do dance routines... And we don't do what we're told." We have to agree. See what else the guys are up to below.

Watch the video interview on FUSE.