A Postcard from Dom (Prague)

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Hello all, I am writing this Postcard from the beautiful city of Prague.

As well as really enjoying the show last night I have had a wonderful time strolling the quaint streets of this enchanting place in the gorgeous sunshine!

As well as coming here to perform a few years ago with DD I have been several times with my wife Martha.
In fact she first brought me here a few weeks after we first met for a little 'romantic break'. She had lived and had studied the violin here a few years prior to us meeting so new all the cool and most interesting areas to visit... I love Charles Bridge, The Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Japanese Tea Rooms etc etc.

I had a very enjoyable lunch with Martha's brother Ben, who lives in Prague, at Grosseto Marina Ristorante, a restaurant on a permanently moored boat... thankfully it was stationary as wine at lunchtime very quickly goes to my head and gets the better of me! Overall it's been a fun and very nostalgic visit!

If the Wroclaw and Prague shows are anything to go by then this is going to be an exciting tour... am loving doing Careless Memories again and looking forward to playing "Mediterranea" on the Mediterranean!

Wish you were here...
Dom x

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