Art in Songs

Ask Katy

Has anyone in the band ever looked at a painting or another work of art and think it is a perfect visual representation of one of their songs? If so, what was the piece of art and what song could it have represented? For example, my friend and I both thought that Dali's Mountain Lake at London's Tate Modern could have represented the song, "Anyone Out There." Thanks,

"Hello Amanda, If any thing it more likely works the other way around. One of us will see a piece of art that could inspire a song. This was true on the new album with "Other People's Lives" which was born out of an artwork Simon saw at the Tate Modern. I am often inspired by art and photography but usually don't specifically imagine that something fits with our song after the fact. That said, we are often sent artworks which have been inspired by our songs. It is a circular process. Nick"