A Postcard from Roger – The Spirit Of Australia

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I'm writing from one of the most beautiful cities in the world..Perth. We are on the final run of our latest and greatest Australian tour.

Ever since I landed in the warm humid air of Brisbane, and walked in the beautiful light of a late afternoon in Melbourne (which one would really only expect to experience during a summers day in Provence), I have felt lifted by the 'spirit of Australia' , something that's hard to put your finger on, but it's something that's been very tangible over the last couple of weeks here.

We have so many memories , so much history here...John and I stopped by to see music television guru Molly Meldrum the other day, he has been through a very tough personal journey recently but looks great and well on the way to recovery. Molly was a great champion of Duran Duran in our early days and ensured that we achieved our first no.1 record in the world and has remained a great friend and supporter ever since ..so thank you Molly , we love you. Australian Russell Mulchay directed the best of our early cinematically inclined videos, we wrote and recorded most of "Seven and The Ragged Tiger" here ..in fact the photograph on the cover was taken on the steps of The New South Wales State Library , our tour here in 2003 was a very formative part of the re-union and it's where the band seemed to 'tick ' again...the list seems to go on, but the biggest thing I feel here is a great future, a country that's still on the move and moving quicker and quicker every time I come here...

The reception at the shows has been exceptional ...as someone said the other day .."it feels like home from home" so god bless 'The Spirit of Australia' can't wait to get back down here again...

Rt x