A Birthday Message from Simon Le Bon

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Well would you believe it? Leaves are turning red and gold; there's mist, wait no, goddammit - it's FOG; if you're still going out just in a t-shirt, there's some seriously chilly-nipple action; it's noticeably earlier when the dusk draws in; hell! some shops are starting the Xmas marketing drive. AND… they haven't put the clocks back yet. Yes, it's late October, and as well as all the strange goings on, it's my birthday, so don't be stinky… IT'S ME BIRTHDAY!

When I look back at it, all things told, I have had a proper fabulous year. And what's more, I feel like celebratin'. So fill up all yer chinks; get on yer dancin' boots; put yer knickers on yer head, and get ready to...

Thanks to you all for the goodwill, the lovely messages, the expensive gifts, and the well thought out insults - you know what turns me on BABY!

And let us not forget: on the 27th day of October HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME LOVELY DA.

Whooosh....SLB, October 27, 2012