Sax for “On My Own in Tel Aviv”

Ask Katy

Hi Katy-

Regarding "On my Own in Tel Aviv" (Air Studios 1980 version with vocals) - who's playing sax? Is this a session musician or Andy Hamilton? Not clear also why this didn't even make a B side - it's awesome.

Sue from CT

Hi Sue,

Thanks for the question. Duran Duran recorded "On My Own in Tel Aviv," and an alternate version of "Girls on Film," at AIR Studios before they had a label deal. The band later went back in to the studio and re-recorded both songs, making "On My Own in Tel Aviv" in to the instrumental you know from the 1st album. The band all agree the original recording would have been done before they met Andy Hamilton. And while their then manager, Michael Berrow, sometimes played sax at a few, early, Duran Duran live dates, none of them think they let him lose in the Studio! So sadly, we don't have an exact answer for you!