Who’s That Girl?

Ask Katy

Hey Katy, who is the new woman I see on stage with Duran Duran each night? Is she a drummer? Was she at Coachella too? Please please tell us now! Sharon

"Hi Sharon, that's Chastity Ashley, percussionist extraordinaire. She WAS at Coachella and has been with the band on this N. American tour as well.

From Chastity's very own bio:

Born and raised in the Latin community of Los Angeles, CA, Chastity has been playing drums since she was 10 years old. Knowing this was her true passion she went to Musicians Institute in Hollywood to pursue drums professionally. She has gone on to play with Ben Harper, Cypress Hill, Tom Morello and Alice in Chains to name a few. In the early spring of 2011, Duran Duran was looking for a new addition to bring the percussion to the forefront. They sought out Chastity through her endorsement company, Toca Percussion, having seen her video with her personal band Beauty In The Breakdown. Shortly thereafter, she was welcomed into playing with the band, with one of the first shows being Cochella 2011 where they performed for 80,000 people.

Hope you enjoy her playing as much as we do! Katy"