“The Reflex” Re-Mix

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Hi Roger, Elsewhere on this page you've explained how the early 12" versions (night versions etc.) were not just tape-edited versions of the original recordings but actually different takes made especially for these longer 12" versions. I was wondering if this was also the case with "The Reflex" 7" & 12" Dance mix ?? I understand it was Nile Rodgers remixing and I must say that find this transformation - from good album track to fantastic hit single - absolutely brilliant. But was it just a remix or were there stuff re-recorded for this purpose? Thanx! Best regards, Jeasper (Copenhagen, Denmark)

"Hey Jeasper, Actually, by the time we got to 'The Reflex' Nile Rodgers was up to all sorts of tricks , he was starting to use sampling and tape editing techniques, extending our recordings in a way that we hadn't heard before. He single handedly transformed what was an 'album track' into the most amazing dance track..all good news for the drummer! Cheers, Rt"

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