The Nick Rhodes Interview (Duran Duran)

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The Nick Rhodes Interview (Duran Duran)
July 20th, 2011 Posted in BOSL Blog By Sonicity Fitzroy Write comment

Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes and DDU’s Chrissy Welinder
Second Life is not an ordinary world, and perhaps that is why some less brave and imaginative souls refrain from venturing into this virtual dimension. But then again, Duran Duran is not an ordinary band. The band made its official landing into Second Life on June 22, 2011. The Duran Duran Universe was conceived from the creative genius of Nick Rhodes, co-founder and visionary of Duran Duran.

DDU Visionary Nick Rhodes

Mr. Rhodes was there watching it take shape inside Second Life since 2006.

Chrissy Welinder and Sonicity

At his side has been DDU Community Manager Chrissy Welinder. Read the story (and interview by me, Sonicity Fitzroy, with Nick Rhodes) in the August edition of Best of SL Magazine. Nick Rhodes made a special visit on Sunday to the DDU beach to the surprise of his fans, and I was there to watch it all. Then, I chatted with him for an hour the following day. And what I discovered was that the universe is a better place now with Nick Rhodes in Second Life. Find out what makes his universe special, as he tells us why Second Life is so important to him.

Sonicity (outside Club Lipstick in DDU)

Article and Photography by Sonicity Fitzroy, and photography contributions by Lowe Runo during the Nick Rhodes interview.

L-R (Lowe Runo, Chrissy Welinder, Sonicity, and Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes

Watch for the August issue at a kiosk near you!!!

Sonicity, BOSL Reporter