Ronson Re-Do?

What are the chances of Duran working with Ronson again for the follow up to ALL YOU NEED IS NOW? They sound like they all had a blast recording it and I am sure they have a lot of leftover ideas from those sessions. Also will we ever get a DVD of the Smirnoff Ronson Meggamix they performed last year? I think that would be a great inclusion to show us all the beginning of their partnership, perhaps years from now when the deluxe edition of AYNIN is released they could include that as the bonus DVD. Also, no disrespect to Dom as I think he is fantastic and the boys seem to love him, but how unrealistic is it to think that Mark will become an official member I know he has a lucrative production / Solo career, but I wonder if he would also join Duran full time, he seems to have a blast playing live with them? Thanks for reading, Johnny (Boston Area)

"We think Mark is the perfect producer for Duran Duran right now, we definitely hope we make some more records together, he is smart, vibrant, musically challenging and always wears a nice suit, which we appreciate greatly (well, Nick does)...we agree with you regarding the Duran/Ronson/Paris collaboration, that this SHOULD be available at some point, because it was one of those unique events that are unlikely to ever happen again in that form. We are always happy to have Mark on stage with us, and hope to be doing some shows together this year, fortunately he works very well with Dom! The Band"