Pop Trash Final Mixes

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, I’m a huge fan of the album POP TRASH, and remember reading that it ended up sounding very different than the original recording. Was it just the title track that was altered, or the whole album?. I was also wondering if any of those initial recordings were kept. Although I love the album as it is, it would have been interesting to hear how it was originally intended to sound! Thanks x Bev

“When we finished recording POP TRASH, we asked legendary Engineer/Producer Ken Scott to mix the album. He completed the record, and those mixes still exist deep in a vault. They were much more organic than the final mixes we decided to use. It wasn’t really a case that we were not happy with Ken’s mixes, more that we simply decided to change direction and make the record more angular and modern. The songs and arrangements were almost identical, but it is always surprising to hear how different the same piece of music can sound when someone else mixes it.

We will have to take a listen and see how time has treated Ken’s mixes. Perhaps we can release them in another of those special packages. NR”