More Chances to be part of DD’s UK Tour!

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Thanks so much to everyone who spent time sending us photos of themselves to include in the show - we really appreciate it. Unfortunately, the idea that we were hoping to use these for is now not going to work for a number of technical reasons. We are so disappointed and apologize for the wasted effort. We are, however, going to keep them on file and hope we can find another way to display them going forward. We will keep you posted.

If you are coming to one of the UK shows in December (and we hope you are!) we would love you to send us a photograph of yourself in advance of the show (telling us which concert you are coming to) that we could use to project onto the big on-stage screens during one of the songs. What we need is a front on (straight to the camera) 'passport' type of photo taken on a white background, no bigger than 1024 x 768, but no smaller than 512 x 384. Please send them as soon as possible - and MAKE SURE TO PUT THE VENUE IN THE SUBJECT LINE - to

Please understand that by sending in this photograph for consideration you are agreeing that it can be used during any and all live show performances by Duran Duran in perpetuity and included in any film, book or exhibition related to any Duran live performances, without payment to the author. Thank you!