Duran Duran Nottingham Arena Tuesday 6th December 2011

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Tuesday 6th December 2011 – by Reg Enderby

It was great to see the lovers of all things 80’s congregating for pre drinks in Nottingham’s Bunkers Hill Bar and getting into 80’s retro mode as the bar had laid on back to back Duran Duran hits on the jukebox.

A quick hop step and a jump to the arena and we had joined the mass of fans eager to see the return of their 80’s iconic heroes.

There was no messing, straight into the hits that had made them household names throughout the world with John Taylor and Simon Le Bon strutting about the stage like a Top Of The Pops Christmas Special. John Taylor still looks like an 80’s child complete with hairdo and eager to pose for close up photos. Le Bon has matured gracefully, no longer sprouting the famous blond mullet but still commanded an aurora of awesome magnitude.

The arena was rocking and the sound system rattled the very bones of my body as the hits rolled out on a conveyer of Duran Duran’s most memorable hits. I did not realise they had so many, but all were brought to life and rekindled by the capacity crowd now bursting with joy.

The stage set was something else, like a film set from HG Wells War of The Worlds as the huge crane like monsters with eyes that lit the whole arena, danced eerily to the lighting and fog effects.

It just all went to fast, but still the hits came, Reflex, Notorious, Hungry Like The Wolf, need I go on?, plus songs from their new album “All You Need is Now” kept my adrenalin rush to max and to top it all off, the final song of the night “Rio”……. Pure 80’s bliss

You can get the new album and tour dates at www.duranduran.com

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