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Duran Duran's Bass Guitarist John Taylor takes us through the five songs on his current playlist

As one of the original New Romantics, the British-born bass guitarist Mr Taylor enjoyed tremendous fame throughout the Eighties with the band he helped to form in 1978. Now back on the road to promote their 13th album, All You Need Is Now (a critically-acclaimed work produced by Mr Mark Ronson), he talks us through the tracks he's humming to right now

'The Glorious Land'

"She's so creative and her music really speaks to me. It has such a post-angular, post-punk feeling about it and an amazing bass line. I turn it up really loud when it comes on."

'President Gas'

"One of my favourite bands of the Eighties. I think Richard Butler has one of the most underrated voices of that era. He's like a cross between Johnny Rotten and Frank Sinatra. There's this punk knarliness to him, but also a
shop-worn romanticism."

'Machu Picchu'
"The Strokes are my favourite 21st-century band. I like the opening song of their new album a lot. I think this is the first album the band have written as opposed to just Julian Casablancas, and that gives it a definite new dimension."

'The Magnificent Seven'
"When I was a teenager I'd go round the country to see The Clash. Watching them turn into a punk super group was an amazing gift. They were extraordinarily creative, as you see in this song, and knew not their own limitations."

'The Birds'
"I like this track because I put it on and just don't know where it's going to go. So much music is so predictable today and I like Elbow because they're brave. There's a confidence and warmth to this track that I appreciate."

Duran Duran's new album All You Need Is Now is out now on iTunes. The band tours the UK from the 18th of May. See for tickets.