Duran Duran Makes a New Wave in 2011

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By Cat Greenleaf

What are the chances of sitting down with your childhood idols and asking them anything you want?! It doesn’t happen every day, so when I interviewed Duran Duran, the stakes felt very high. I can’t remember what I asked, but I can tell you how I felt, what I perceived and what I heard on their new album, “All You Need Is Now”.

At 12 years old, I thought the band was the coolest thing I had ever encountered. Well, a few years later, I can safely say they continue to carry a mantle of cool that is unavailable to most humans. Effortlessly charming, and supremely confident, Duran Duran is happy with the choices they’ve made since the 80’s, and they’ve outfoxed several of the pitfalls that fell lesser artists. The boys admitted to distractions along the way – regular rock star stuff – but also talk about their success with a touching reverence that explains why they’re still at it. They describe their career as an evolution, and the band is happy to cater to the fans that have grown up along with them, as opposed to chasing the teeny-bopper set. (not that they’d turn ‘em away. Who would?!)

While Simon LeBon is the undeniable spokesman for the band, I enjoyed the way that Roger chimed in loudly and often, either to agree, disagree, or just add some color. They seem more like a band of brothers than a crew of colleagues. And of course, all families are fraught, but this one comes off as fairly functional.

If you’re looking for vintage Duran Duran, then you’re in luck with ‘All You Need Is Now’. The sound is classic without being cheesy, thanks to production help from Mark Ronson. Lineups change, and trends come and go, but for the stalwart music fans and classic culture vultures out there, Duran Duran continues to do their job: giving you the solid styles and songs you love to love.

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