Concert Review: Duran Duran – All You Need is Now is Right on Time

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Concert Review: Duran Duran - All You Need is Now is Right on Time

Author: Tricia Weight

All You Need is Now sold out Atlanta, GA. Duran Duran delivered an absolutely stunning concert performance.

On the day John Lennon died I realized something about legacies; they are as fluid as the currents in the ocean: moving, shifting and constantly in motion. I had come home from school on that day crying. Devastated, Inconsolable. My phone rang in a consistent string of friends also devastated, looking for solace and if there was none to be found, at least company to share in the misery.

I unplugged the phone, put on Double Fantasy, in those days vinyl, I pulled the arm over to the center so when the needle reached the end of the wax it would lift and move across the album, plopping back down at the beginning of the record with that specific scratchy thud--a sound that I can still hear in my mind to this day. Then I sat down on the floor and cried.

My mother came in later, her face awash with tears, and held out her arms. We just stood there weeping, holding onto one another. She left and soon the sound of "Imagine" was wafting up through the vents.

What I learned on that day about John Lennon's legacy is that, although both of our hearts were broken similarly, we were weeping for two different men. She was weeping for her John Lennon, the Beatle, the man who had been the personification of rock and roll when she was young. I never knew John Lennon the Beatle. I loved the Beatles' music and I understood their profound significance, but I had no emotional connection to their music. I was weeping for my John Lennon; the rebel, the artist, the philosopher; husband of Yoko Ono and stay-at-home dad to his beautiful boy.

It seems an odd thing that such a melancholy memory would pop into my head in the midst of watching what has to be one the best concerts I've ever seen; an absolutely kick-ass, rocking concert. But it wasn't melancholy at all, rather it was quite touching, prompted by the three teenage girls in the seats directly in front of me, probably about 14, maybe 15, hard to tell really, they may have been younger.

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