Dom’s Rig

Hi Katy! I was wondering if it'd be possible for Dom to run down his rig from the mini-tour the band just finished? I've found his overdriven tones on the new material to veer more towards a raspy fuzz than a smoother amp-like distortion -- is he using a fuzz pedal for AYNIN? Does he have a set of patches for each specific song? Or does he tend to have a few core tones and effects that he brings in and out based on how he feels in particular moment of the night? Also, during the Montreal show there were crowd mics -- are there plans for a live release from the mini-tour? Regards, - Ian " was using a Boogie Roadster and a Fender Twin on the last US run though these were not the amps I used on the album. I was using Audio Kitchen and Divided by 13 amps and also a Roland Jazz Chorus in a few places. Also used Roger Mayer distortion pedal in places. AYNIN is just a crunch sound on the Boogie with no extra pedals except for a bit of chorus on the verse. The crowd mics are there to give us some ambiance in the headphones. Hope this helps, Dom"