DD Party Mix!

DJ Rog, I hope this hasn't been answered before. If so, I apologise. I know you by reputation as a great DJ as well as drummer, but keeping the questions DD-centric, I'd like to know if you've ever put together either or both a "party" mix (dance-tempo, mid-tempo, slo-tempo), and/or a "dance" mix (purely danceable) songs from ONLY the Duran Duran catalogue? If so, is it something you're keeping to yourself, or something I can decorate my next party with? Keep your stick up! Best always,

"Hi Rob, Thanks for the question and it is a first time we have had this one.

The answer is ..no , I haven't tried that yet . I tend to try to keep my sets very contemporary , and will usually only include DD songs if they are a current re-mixes , but it's certainly something I could try while I am sitting in my Hotel room on a rainy day! Cheer, Roger"