“Big Thing” Single?

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, I remember reading in Smash Hits that "Big Thing" was to be the first single from the album but "I Don't Want Your Love" turned up two months later. Can you ask the band what the intention was with "Big Thing" - was it really intended as a single and what order would it have come out in? cheers! Mike

"I cannot honestly imagine us ever thinking that track would be a single.. For me, it is one of the worst lyrics we have ever written, so bad in fact, that perhaps it justifies all the criticism that has ever been leveled at us!.. A tragic group effort (we all threw in on the lyric, not just SLB). The track sounds great.. Daniel Abraham referenced the snare drum sound Trevor Horn had created for Yes on their 'Big Generator' album. Warren's guitar on the outro sears.. But overall.. the track does not work for me. And it became the title track.. OUCH!! JT"